Did you know that there are over 700,000 Asians living in New Zealand? That’s about 15 percent of New Zealand’s population.

That being said, businesses in New Zealand need to utilize a cross cultural marketing strategy to appeal to this ever-growing demographic.

Before making a cultural marketing analysis, though, you must first understand the psychology of marketing. Asian marketing or Chinese marketing requires a deep knowledge of the culture to be successful.

That’s why we’re here to give you five benefits of breaking into cross-culture markets.

1. It Will Help You Understand Language Differences

Things aren’t always what they seem–at least when it comes to multi-cultural marketing.

In other words, certain words or phrases that are fine by one culture’s standard may be offensive or confusing for another. Keep this in mind when you write copy for ads.

You don’t want to give your target audience the wrong idea about what you’re marketing.

2. It Speaks to Them or Their Community

Unlike marketing for Western cultures, Chinese marketing must appeal to the collectivist mindset. This delves deeper into the psychology of marketing. Think about the main selling point for products or services in the West.

“You’re worth it.”

“Treat yourself.”

“You deserve it.”

In these examples, the emphasis is on the individual. People in collectivist cultures describe themselves according to their relationships, rather than their personal traits.

In other words, your cross-culture marketing should pinpoint people in the context of their community.

3. You’ll Know How to Persuade Them

Not every culture lends itself to risk taking.

Some like taking chances on new products, while others want to stick to what they know.

You’ll find differences across Asian cultures. Vietnam and China, for example, don’t have a problem with the unknown. South Korea and Japan, however, are highly risk-averse.

4. Their Habits Become Your Habits

Do you have any idea about the habits of your target demographic?

How and when they eat? What they do in their free time? How long they spend on the internet?

This kind of research is a must-have for your cultural marketing analysis. You’ll be in better shape once you do this, as their habits become second nature to you.

5. You’ll Respect Their Culture and History

You can’t look into the psychology of marketing without knowing how the history of their culture plays a part.

Cultural history is often what dictates the people’s beliefs, traditions, and values. A good cultural marketing analysis is sensitive to these traditions.

Try Cross Cultural Marketing Today

In the 21st century, asserting your business into cross-cultural markets has never been more important. It’s a way to show your target audience that you see them for who they are. Their needs matter to you.

No cultural marketing analysis is complete without an understanding of the psychology of marketing, though.

Though it’s best to designate this to someone well-versed in the culture, you should always keep a pulse on trends in Asian marketing. Your business will see growth because of it!

Ready to try cross cultural marketing in New Zealand? Click here to get in touch with us today.

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