Asian Market

Over a quarter of New Zealand’s current population is Asian, and within this group lies enormous potential to maximise your business and establish new groups of loyal customers.

Just like no two businesses are the same, no two cultures are the same either. Therefore, a good marketing and advertising strategy will help you to understand and communicate with audiences beyond your immediate culture or scope of understanding.

In order to tap into this diverse group of customers, you need to understand how to communicate with them and how to position your company as a preferred choice.

That’s where Xtra Marketing comes in.

Having worked for both Kiwi and Asian owned companies here in New Zealand and overseas, the team at Xtra Marketing saw the disconnect between these two cultures in the business and consumer landscape but cross cultural marketing helps us to bridge the gap.  As well as noticing the potential for both cultures to benefit from one another by communicating in a way that resonates with the diverse audiences that exist within each of them.

Our team is backed by firsthand experience in elevating both Asian and Kiwi owned businesses, and bridging the gap between the two cultures to tap into customer groups that previously felt out of reach.

To understand more about the potential that is waiting to be yielded by your company, get in touch here.